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Work of BPS West Java in the management of population data


Do you  know about the population census conducted by  BPS West Java? Some people may have heard of the term, but many people don’t really understand what it means. The census is the process of collecting data from all regions of Indonesia through the calculation of each population unit.

Census activities are usually carried out for specific purposes. For example, knowing how the level of population development is in terms of income, work, and number of family members. The census is carried out by the Central Statistics Agency by deploying census officials to visit the homes of residents in their respective areas.

In the 2020 census, data counting activities were done online, i.e. residents themselves accessed the official BPS census website to fill in the data. Most people follow this method of filling up the digital census, while for the rest, offline calculations are done.

This census or piece of soul is the main function of bps. After the census process is completed, it will obtain the number of the population whose data can be used for the selection process, tax collection, or determination of the country’s economic policy. The census is usually conducted over a period of 10 years.

Bps is a non-departmental government agency that has direct accountability to the President, which is regulated by Law No. 16 of 1997 for how it functions and its main duties. Would you like to know and know more about this National Census Institute? Let’s look at the following explanation.

What are the duties of BPS West Java?

The main function of the Central Statistics Agency is to carry out the computation works and other statistical dai administration regulated by law. In the discharge of his duties, several stages are completed, ranging from filling in, classifying, to the president then reporting the data to the general public.

Data from the Statistics Center is open and public, you   can obtain information services regarding national statistical data on the official website or through the BPS West Java application. For more information, please download it on the official page of the site. In addition to the main functions mentioned above, there are also functions of statistical bodies, namely:

  1. Conduct studies , formulate plans,  and formulate policies inthe field of regional and national
  2. To coordinate the activities of soul counting at the regional and national level.
  3. Establishing a national statistical system.
  4. To provide manpower and facilities to carry out the task of counting souls.
  5. Conduct guidance to the concerned institutions according to their areas of work in statistical activities.
  6. Collecting data and processing it into information useful to the government and the people.
  7. Declaration of census results, in the form of reporting to the President and making official announcements to the public through bps of each region

In its development, the duties and functions of BPS are closely linked to the development of information technology. Typically, personal computers are used to replace manual recordings to make recording easier and faster. The use of internet also helps in the communication of data from regions to the centre.

Information received on BPS

BPS West Java collects and manages information coming from communities in the West Java region. This information collected everything about the population, from age, marital status, number of children and dependents. This is the basic information in the census.

Apart from this, information will also be collected on various matters related to employment, education, income and economy so that the data can be used by the government to formulate economic policies of the people. The results of these data are in the form of information on the level of development of the population, poverty status, unemployment rate and many other types.

If you need this information, you can request it directly at your local BPS office or use the online route. If you  choose to go directly to BPS West Java, you can go directly to the receptionist and fill out the guest book. Then it demands the required data.

In addition, the Digilib operator will help you print the libraries you need. In addition, you can also submit a soft copy request by filling out the request form. This direct CoNSultasi service can be accessed during working hours from Monday to Friday. It will be easier and faster if you attach the cover letter.

For example, the data required is for research at the school or in the form of thesis data, then you need to ask the school or campus to provide a letter of introduction. The presence of a cover letter will speed up the process of providing data from BPS.

If you can’t go to the office directly, you can access the publication for a longer period of time on the official BPS website. On this page you will see information about population statistics and it can be selected according to the year of publication. There is a button to download at the bottom of the publication title.

Data processing done by BPS West Java

Stages of data processing are important stages in determining how high the level of accuracy and accuracy of the data generated is. While it was still the Central Bureau of Statistics, data processing was done manually using a calculator and abex as a calculating tool.

Now, a modern way has been used to record and process data, such as using a computer. The truth is that since the 1960s, the policy of using computers started to be implemented. However, at the time, the data recording was still manual and then found in a computer.

Currently, all recording is attempted directly using a computer device. Therefore, in the 2020 census, people were asked to fill the census online through both the website and the BPS West Java application  . Did you even fill the 2020 census?

Data processing using computers is conducive to the development of information technology in Indonesia. Data processing becomes faster and more efficient. In addition, it accelerates the communication of data from regions to the Centre so that census results can be obtained in a short span of time.

From B.P.S. Enfat Census Information

The process of population enumeration is carried out at a time that cannot be termed as small. Even though you have used a computer system, it still takes time to collect data about the entire population of Indonesia, which is not small. After collecting all the information, it can only be revised into statistical data which is useful to the government.

What are the benefits of such data? Three types of data are presented from the results of the population census, namely social population statistics, trade economics and mining agriculture.  All data from BPS West Java can be used to create different policies to improve people’s welfare, for example:

  1. Construction of public facilities by adjusting the number of resident populations in an area.
  2. Construction of educational facilities to help the younger generation in getting the right education|
  3. Connecting health facilities, especially in areas that receive minimal health services.
  4. Opening up employment and coaching the creative industry to increase people’s income.
  5. Providing support to the poor which is right on the target.
  6. Entrepreneurship coaching and training.
  7. Development of forestry, fisheries, plantation and animal husbandry by adjusting the distribution area.
  8. Support for farmers of food crops and horticulture that is suitable in their position and goal.

Therefore, not only for the needs of elections, a population census is carried out, but there are many other functions that are important for economic development, education and public health. Therefore, it is expected that all levels of society will help in organizing the population census.

Statistical bodies have real functions and functions in managing regional and national population data. Various important functions put in place by provincial-level BPS have become very important in the data collection process.  By filling out the BPS West Java Census Form, you have helped the government realise a prosperous Indonesia.

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