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An exciting experience when visiting Western Java tourism, dare to try it ?

In Western Java you can easily find a variety of tourist attractions with a variety of complete amenities. From wisata mountains, beaches, forests, parks, to departing places that you can choose the way you want.

Geographically, the province with the city of Bandung is  located west of the island of Java. It is located directly adjacent to the Java Sea in the north, DKI in the west of Jakarta and Banten, in the south of the Indian Ocean.  The topography of the western province of  Java is more dominant on the paths of the fire mountains, whether it is still active or died.

As for the  tourist attractions of Western Java , almost all regencies / cities have their own characteristics and are usually very detailed, especially the Bandung district. Almost all types of destinations exist as long as the cook is so tasty. Naturally, West Java also gets nicknamed as a tourist paradise with large visits every year.

In addition, there  are also religious and cultural tours. The inclination of the people of Western Java, in fact, most of the Sundanese tribe, to preserve their culture, makes the atmosphere of local wisdom so thick. This can be seen from the daily life of people to how to carry out all the traditional processions that are interesting to explore.

Queues of popular Wi sata objects visitedwan tour

The tourist wealth  of Western Java  with all its potential is beyond doubt. It is proved that almost all tourist destinations are always crowded with local and even foreign tourists.   There areso many tourist attractions, there are several places that are very popular because of their natural beauty that they are never abandoned. One of them is Pangandaran Beach.

Who does not know that on the beach located in the southeastern part of western Java there is fine white sand with clear water. Pangandaran has never had empty visitors until it was once declared the best beach. Its beauty is so enchanting, especially at sunrise or sunset.

The green canyon has become no less beautiful. The Green Canyon, or often called Cukang Taneuh, is located 31 km from Pangandaran Beach. When visiting, you will be treated to rows of shade trees with tall cliffs. As a rule, visitors enjoy its charm while swimming in a boat or swimming in the area.

If you love challenges, you need to try rafting on the Citarik River.  The river, located in the Sukabumi regency, is a  popular  western Java tourist destination where you can try your adrenaline. The depth of the river is not deep, but the rocks on its outskirts give a complex  effect. Try the sport of rafting in that area from time to time.

In addition to the beaches, western Java is also rich in  waterfalls between Cikaso, located  near Ujung Genteng. The waterfall, whose height is about 100 meters, has three waterfalls. In addition to clear waterin sunny conditions, there is often a rainbow between the three waterfalls.

The culinary ordeal of a typical West Java is addictive

When visiting tourist attractions in Western Java , you feel less when you haven’t tried its branded culinary. Among them is teak leaf jam rice, popular cirebon. Rice wrapped in teak leaves has existed since the time of Dutch colonization. Consists of rice along with side dishes, and chili sauce has such a delicious taste. In addition, the price is very affordable.

Tired of processed rice, there is nothing wrong with trying scrambled pasta. The process is so legendary in Western Java, especially in Bandung. In one bowl are egg noodles, bean sprouts, mustard greens and onions, which later with time added meat fillings to the cutlets. At first glance, it looks like chicken noodles, but the taste of the soup is very different.

Karedok must be familiar with hearing the name of the food. Typical culinary , made from green vegetables, served along with delicious peanut seasonings. However, much like the hodgepodge, karedok vegetables are left raw to keep them fresh. Culinary is easily found in almost all tourist destinations of western Java.

When the stomach growls, there is nothing wrong with trying lengko rice. Rice , along with a combination of vegetables and fried foods, is so tasty what you eatin a day. Peanut sauce is so savory, which makes the taste more complete. In cooking, there is also a lot of protein, as it contains tofu and tempeh.

Fried bean sprouts are another culinary dish, no less tasty. Many people think thatifbean sprouts are processed by frying, then in fact they are actually boiled.   The name is baked because the bean sprouts are boiled in a pan. As an addition, one serving of fried bean sprouts and pasta, a splash of ketopox and oncom soup.

Backpack Vacation Tips for Western Java

Backpack-style holidays, in addition to being sophisticated, are also suitable for you to be limited in financial matters. Those of you who are going on vacation on several Western Java tours can customize it. Just beforenya make sure where your vacation spot goes. These include transport, which will be used during the holidays.

In addition, the main thing is to draw up the necessary budget. Since the holidays will be in the style of a backpack, although the budget is limited, how many of them must be handled so that there is no shortage of them. That is why it is important to take into account all needs, including the choice of a tourist attraction. Just bring things as much as you need so that there are not too many tedious things during the trip.

If the holidays are held for several days, you should choose accommodation with cheap rental prices. Not only is it cheap, but it must also be strategically close to some tourist destinations. The reason, of course, is that you need to save on transportation costs, given that the budget you have is very limited. So it must be truly preserved only for important purposes.

Another tip is to try eating with street vendors. Food sold on the street is usually not only tasty, but also the price is relatively cheap. There is no need to worry, because around the tourist attractions in the western Java city, lined with street vendors selling their products. You just need to choose what kind of food you want to eat.

Recommended souvenirs for cheap festive families

To be satisfied with trips after a holiday in Western Java is important to buy typical souvenirs as innate. Your family naturally feels happy when you buy it for her. Among the typical souvenirs of western Java, which are often hunted by tourists, there is dodol garut. Dodol is the most famous snack, and the price is cheap.

There are many flavors to choose from, starting with pineapple, chocolate, durian and others. Dodol is very easy to find throughoutthe Western Java region, especially in gift shops. In addition to its sweet and legitimate taste, dodol is a typical snack for Western Java tourism, which is often bought by tourists.

In addition to dodol, there is  also  chocodot. Chocodot is another option that combines dodol and  chocolate. The appetizer, which is often called the brown dodol, is small in size and round in shape like a bun. Almost all taste options exist from bitter chocolate, milk and others. As for the price, of course, it is very friendly in the pocket.

If it so happens that it is in Lembang, it is mandatory to buy milk tofu. In appearance, in general, it is similar to tofu, but in terms of texture it is very different. When teks tour is eaten, it feels soft in the mouth, because during its production milk is added.   Since the taste is unusual, it is natural that Lembang’s milk tofu has always been a favorite.

For dry snacks, it is mandatory to buy oncom chips and tempeh. Oncom chips are basically made from fermented peanuts, then dried and cut. Taste can also be selected to taste. In addition, many other souvenirs are also found, which makes a vacation to western Java tourist attractions  even more interesting.

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