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West Java Education Office Implements Online Learning with a Wide Spread


During today’s pandemic , the Education Bureau of Western Java will also undertake  a lot  of activities so that the process of education is going well. Even  in every state they implement a new  ya ng  education system to preserve the students who are delivering the curriculum to which they are graduating and extending it.


Some schools, especially vocational schools, themselves, implement the learning process face to face. However in some subjects it applies also to only concrete subjects. This is because this vocational school is the key ingredient that students should possess.


Meanwhile, the practical task is also carried out face to face directly. Soit needs to be done directly. In addition,  Education in West Java also provides a huge amount of assistance to students who are unable to  continue their studies. Such as providing free tools   as well as digging up data free of charge for teachers and students.


However, the presentation of this new education has angered many parents. for their children could not learn lessons of the unknown. Especially for students who cannot be employed in this new educational system. The government is also working towards hand-to-hand learning by applying several key principles.


Online Learning during the Covid-19 pandemic


In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic through 2020 has definitely had an impact on many sectors. Being part of the education sector is also influenced by it. Students and students who are still in school should feel the impact they have brought by going to home school or online learning. The program is administered from each school.


Like the West Java education office , it also implements an online school program for all students in West Java.  This policy itself is actually carried out in all educational areas throughout Indonesia , even around the world. Essentially education was carried out in a face-to-face manner. But that has changed as the coronavirus pandemic spreads.


This home-based learning is carried out to provide new experiences for learners. Yet, despite being remotely administered, educators must be able to meet the target of curricular umka amplification, and graduation must be carried out. However, this new learning approach has received many negative responses.


Especially the parents in charge. Many of them complained about problems and could not participate in online learning implemented by the West Java Education Bureau and other regions.  Few people don’t want this online learning to be stopped and returned face to face.


Because it uses the Internet, it certainly also needs privacy data. Meanwhile, the government is also offering students and teachers a non-quota. To reduce the burden during the education process during the current widespread epidemic. In West Java itself also provides internet quota assistance in the equal learning process.


Gudub Xaqiijinta Class Offline


Now a new normal is being implemented during the Covid-19 pandemic,  and the government and the West Java education office are also running a new program, which are being implemented in the learning using the face-to-face process.   However, some of the rules have been introduced in the implementation of this educational process.   So it can still reduce the number of cases of covid-19.


Although the school’s location is in the green zone it is not directly reinforced face to face learning. Because there are still some points that must be checked first. If the school meets the requirements, it can implement the program. For requirements like schools it is mandatory to study in the green area.


Jamn  face-to-face activities are also given priority to students who are not supported by the internet or known as blank spots. So really not all areas of learning can implement this education system in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Even if the area is added to the green zone in the green zone.


Meanwhile, at a vocational high school or vocational high school itself across the West Java education office, this face-to-face system will be applied to lessons whose character character is only applicable. Because if you want to get a certificate of your competence, you are required to work quickly.


Even teachers are not all able to participate directly in this learning process. There are several points that should also be considered. For example, the people who can participate are teachers under the age of 45, who have no other diseases that interfere with  the  process  of education during the course of this epidemic.


West Java Teachers Given Immunization


The West Java Education Bureau has proposed that teachers be  vaccinated all over western Java. Of course,  the injection of   the vaccine will still be done in stages. Specially it is for teaching staff who will perform face-to-face learning activities.


Not only that, it will also give priority points to  older teachers. The vaccination phases provided by the state will be offered according to the program. In fact, vaccines for educators are very important to use after being used by  medical staff.


Of course, this is applied to smoothly  carrying out the learning process without anyone taking pain. In order to provide the vaccine themselves, it was proposed in accordance with the number of employees they themselves employ in West Java. Of course, sunshineis given to teachers who primarily perform direct instructional activities.


Based in the West Java education office, those who participate in the hotline outside of learning about themselves, and notall of them. A small hundred of them were superseded by the applicable rules. In fact, there are still many schools that are unable to implement this education because they are in areas where there is a high number of outbreaks.


In order to be accepted for the vaccine to be in order, all those who will be tested must first perform tests. This is important to implement so that when the vaccine is increased. Although they were given this injection themselves, they still have to submit to the medical rules.


Direct learning in West Java


Teaching and learning activities are organised directly by  the  West Java Education Office itself has also prepared according to the plan.  Throughout this educational activity itself, it is also entered into stages by  being vigilant in considering first how the area of that area spreads in the area and the dedication and willingness to prevent it.


Despite the conduct of this face-to-face learning movement, it adheres to the principle of supporting the safety of students or teachers. This is an important, and major point that every party should consider. Every school that uses this system has to be prepared for a lot of things.


Education department inspectors will be seen later on how prepared the school is. Of course, it is accompanied by the village head and the head of the sub-districts. If there are still many flaws, they should first be equipped . However, if the school completes everything necessary, it can be delivered directly to the department.


In the implementation of education itself, an integrated learning process is being processed.  There, students will learn succession so that they can live in an exchange or change school.  Then one class is divided into two or three according to the rules.   The West Java Education Office has definitely prepared things that could reduce the spread of covid.

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