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Asus Service Center Bandung seat and how to serve it

Asus has multiple service centers, one of which is the Asus Service Center Bandung. As one of the smartphone manufacturers, Asus has centers that spread across cities across Indonesia. Of course, this is done with the aim of providing maximum service to loyal Asus customers.

With a growing number of Asus products enthusiasts, Asus is committed to constantly improving its services to consumers. We hope that  with the presence  of  the A sus center, which is located in all cities of Indonesia,  it will provide convenience for consumers.  K  Father, don’t worry for those who are in Bandung, because the Asus Service Center is already in your town.

If you are experiencing  problems with your Asus smartphone  , you don’t need to get confused to find a place to serve. Just come to the Asus Service Center Bandung. Bandung has several ace service centers. This is a form of Asus’s commitment to its customers in Bandung.

If you come to an official service center, one of the advantages is that the  problem with  your ace device  is solved by people who really recognize it in their field. In addition, if there is still a guarantee, then you can  use it so that you do not have to spend money on the repairs that were  made  .

Address of The Asus Service Center in Bandung

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In a big city like Bandung, there are a lot of Asus customers. Understanding this, Asus also placed multiple service centers that spread throughout several locations in Bandung. For those who have an Asus device, you need to know the address. This is necessary if your  Asus device has been damaged or experienced problems at any time.

Asus Service Center Bandung French Ruko Jl. Gurame No. 18B Come. Burangris in Kec. Lengkong Kota, Bandung 40262, West Java region. Its working hours are Monday-Friday  from 09:30 to 17:00 . Open Saturday from 09:00 to 12:00. The types of products themselves are very diverse. For example, n otebook, netbook, EPAD, p adfone, zenfone, desctop PC, AIO PC, EeeBox, VivoPC, mainboard, VGA card and LCD .

In addition to the service center operated by Asus itself,  there is  also an authorized  service partner (ASP).   Asus  is not managed by the authorized service partner Asus himself, but do not care about quality. Since ASP is an official partner of Asus, Bandung City has several ASPs.

One of them ruko Triangle Mas Block A3 Jalan Ahmad I mean No221-223, Bandung 40113, in Western Java. Open  Monday to  Friday from 09:00 to 17:00. Open Saturday from 09:00 to 12:00. For product types, i.e. otebook, netbook, EPAD, p adfone, zenfone, withesctop PC, AIO PC, EeeBox, VivoPC, LCD. If you want to contact the phone, you can 7270077 (022)  or  (022) to 91139756.

In addition to Jalan Ahmad Yani, asP has Ruko Pascal Hypersquare Block C26 Jalan Pasirkaliki 25-27, Bandung 40181, West Java. Open Monday to Friday at 08:00-17:00. Saturday, 08:00-14:00. Types of products: n otebook, netbook, EPAD, p adfone, zenfone, desctop PC, AIO PC, EeeBox, VivoPC.   In addition to the two ASPs mentioned, there are a few more in Bandung.

How to claim on Asus warranty at Asus Service Centre Bandung

The method to require the warranty of your Asus device is very easy. Visit the Asus Service Center with the necessary devices and files, such as a warranty card. Several conditions or provisions apply for making a bail application. Therefore, it cannot be entitled to all types of damages.

The first thing to do when filing a bail claim is to check if the warranty time is still valid. This is because he will no longer be able to make a bail if he has exceeded the predetermined time limit. Once it has been confirmed that the warranty card is still valid, bring the Asus device along with the warranty card and take the purchase payment to The Asus Service Center Bandung.

Once you arrive at the address, tell the employee in the service what your goal is. You are usually asked about any damage or complaints about your Asus device. In addition, the files required to file a bail application will also be checked. If it is declared complete, inspection by the technicians will continue.

After the technical staff is completed and the malfunction is found, repairs are carried out. If this is a long time-consuming, the technicians will tell you how long it will take to repair. If so, you just have to wait for it. Usually after the repair process is complete, you will be contacted by the Asus Service Center to dial it.

Service Quality Asus Service Center Bandung

As one of the best tech manufacturers, Asus employs the best people. To do this, you don’t need to worry about the quality offered by the official Asus Service Center. Asus is a problem with your device and when it comes to official Asus service, your device is considered by the best technicians.

Repairs usually take up to three days, but this is due to the type of damage.  When  it comes to Asus Service Center Bandung, you can get a friendly service to be comfortable with. There you can also be surprised about your Asus device. The employee on duty will be happy to explain the questions you asked.

When your device is damaged, the technicians will also explain what damage was done. Then, along withthe n cost, tell us what measures will be taken to fix it. If you agree to take corrective measures, your device will be repaired immediately. When you’re done, you’ll be informed about your pickup.

What to do at Asus Service Center Bandung in addition to repair

Maybe you don’t know what to do in the service center beyond repair. The service centre serves not only for repairs, but can also be used for consultation.   You can ask about complaints about the use of Asus devices.

You might also be wondering how to use the ace device you are using. Of course, it is very useful to be able to use it correctly and correctly so that it is resistant. Karen  is rarely harmed by improper use. Consulting with a specialist directly, he will be very useful.

Therefore, never rush to come to the official place of service. Visiting an official place of service means that you have gone to a specialist from a device problem. The procedure, and variations of it, come to be held in such amanner as possible. Because  it is not uncommon for an official service to be performed in place but to fix it, the actions taken seem perfunctional.

Therefore, in the face of damage, it is necessary to arrive at the official place of service. So, your device is properly treated by the right people. This saves your device from potential damage caused by repair efforts. For bandung residents who use Asus devices in case of problems,  you should come to The Asus Service Center Bandung.