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Wahana Call Centre can be contacted if there are consumer complaints

The Call Centre can be contacted when consumers experience problems. Vahana is a service for shipment services.

Everyone can register themselves to become a driving agent. Of course this is very profitable considering that being an agent can provide quite a big profit. But with the continued development of the business, new problems arise as they continue to be. In the world of business, it’s a natural thing.

But as a consumer, the number of problems is definitely unpleasant.  With its existence, any complaint will be able to be transmitted as soon as possible.

Different ways to contact call centers

There are several ways to choose when calling the call center. The easiest way is obviously to call him directly. However, driving does not provide a phone feature for consumer complaints. This is already a management policy so consumers have to follow the consequences.

  To contact via whatsapp, enter the wahana.com first    .

After entering the user page  , there are two options for consumers.

The data includes full name, personal contact with Whatsapp, email and complaints filed. Hence, contact with the call centre will be continued through Whatsapp. This method certainly makes it easier to remember that Whatsapp itself is very popular in Indonesia.

When using a phone, there are tariffs to be paid by consumers. But when the contact is made via whatsapp, the tariff is clearly not there. As another option, customers can also contact Wahana by email.  Vahana’s  own official email address is customer.service@wahana.com.

The lack of call centers by email lies in the speed of the response.

Ride info can also be seen via social media

If you want to find out moreinformation about rides and call centers, customers must follow their social media.

However, some people no longer use Facebook. The  official Instagram address of the ride itself is @wahanaexpressofficial.

In addition, his followers also reached 20,000. Of course, this number cannot be said to be small. If you want to be more formal, customers can actually see the linkedin ride account. This provider’s Linkedin profile can be found at the address /wahana-prestasi-logistics. Some business people are really more comfortable looking at profiles through linkedin.

In addition to news media, customers can also communicate with the admin on social media. Naturally, the benefits are quite similar to call centers. To communicate, the way is actually quite similar to any platform. First, log in to your personal social media profile first. After you log in, request the official driving account.

Make sure the account is official and not fake. Send a message to the official account according to the question or complaint you have. The medium of the messenger itself is different for each platform. For example, you should install Facebookchaos ifyou want to contact the provider via Facebook.

The decline in social media may lie in the absence of an official Twitter account. This is a disadvantage in itself considering that the number of Twitter users in Indonesia is attacking again. Therefore, those of you who are Twitter users should use other social media to get more information.

Various problems often experienced by consumers

The first problem concerns the package delivery address.

The first reason is an address writing error while the second is a courier error when sending. If this happens, the call center can be contacted by explaining the chronology clearly. The CS will process the report immediately and decidetosend it to the right place.

In addition, problems are also often experienced when using the tracking function. The tracking feature itself is very useful to consumers. With this feature, consumers can discover the latest location of the goods sent. However, many times this characteristic does not function normally. This makes the object unknown to the location.

This problem clearly makes consumers feel uneasy. Usually, tracking problems occur purely due to system errors.  Therefore, the ride center will be able to quickly repair it if there is a clear report. The state of the package that does not arrive at a predetermined time can also make consumers uncomfortable.

There are two possibilities why the package may not arrive yet. The first possibility is due to delays. This is due to transport problems that may be limited. The second possibility itself is loss of goods. This problem is extremely rare and almost never happens.

By contacting the call centre, customers will get clarity as to why the delay may occur. In addition, CS will also process immediately if the package is indeed lost. if the package cannot be found at the end, a further explanation will be given regarding the procedure for submitting a request directly.

Contact the call centre if you have questions

In addition to securing complaints, call centres can also be used if they have several questions.

This is indeed one of the main functions of CS. In the end, you will get answers with good speech and be comfortable when communicating directly with CS. Make sure to ask yourself in detail so that the answers you receive can be satisfactory and if desired.

In fact, it’s up to you whether to take advantage of the existence of a call center or not. However, we strongly recommend that its use be made as soon as possible. Using it, communication between customers and providers will last smoothly. Remember to advise the nearest people to contact the contact center.

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