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Asus Service Center Where to Repair Damage for Your Device

Asus Service Center locations where damage repair is spread all over Indonesia, especially in DKI Jakarta. This official service place has a website service, so you can access various information online without having to go back and forth to a particular location.

Asus presents different types of products, such as motherboards, mobile phones, laptops, PC towers, monitors, networks and many others. Each purchase of a device gets a different warranty, ranging from one year to 3 years or even more.

Each device has its own functions, some work directly on displaying functions, such as the keyboard displays letters and numbers. While there are also people who act as the brain or the inside without displaying visible output or output.

Asus is a Taiwanese company that is now global and occupies a certain position among the Indonesian people. Many people have switched from a well-known smartphone brand to this Taiwanese brand by taking into account the specifications.

Tablets are also one of the electronic objects that also enliven the list of Asus products in the world. When there is a problem with the  tablet,  you can visit the Asus Service Center where damage is repaired by different products with different types and price ranges.

Asus Service Center Distribution Location

Asus Service Center Locations Where damage repair is scattered throughout the archipelago. The capital Jakarta is just one of these spreads, as there are many other locations, such as Jogja and Surabaya. Each city has different outlets in different locations.

In general, the phone number that can be contacted in each region is 1500 128 with the region code based on the region placed before pressing the first number. Each place has its own opening and closing times, as well as several days.

Call it Aceh, exactly in Banda Aceh, the location of the official Asus service place is at Jalan Pocut Baren, number 57 B. While in Bali there is also on Jalan Teuku Umar Barat number 888D with opening hours from 09.30 to 17.00 on Monday to Friday.

For metropolitan areas, such as DKI Jakarta, there is more than one service place with different opening and closing times. For phone numbers, they sometimes include a mobile phone number as a means of private communication with customers.

The Java region, such as West Java, East Java, and Central Java, also has more than one Asus Service Center for Repairing Damage per region. Each of them has a different number, but the integration remains one, that is, until the number 1500 128.

Using repair techniques online

The advantage of using the Asus Service Center For Repair Damage from unauthorized service places is that they have access to interfere in the repair and monitoring process online. This cannot be obtained at all service points.

To access this service, you need to go to the online customer service and follow some instructions. Services in the form of registration, checking the status of repairs, checking the warranty, up to the latest product sales information are accessible to the wider community.

If you don’t find a service location in a place near your home , you can check it directly on the official website. This prevents any doubt as to whether the visited repair site is really coming from the center or just a prankster acting.

Each region has different outlets with different numbers, there may even be one city with only one outlet. Each location usually includes a number that can be reached so you can confirm the hours of operation before visiting the live location.

In the Asus Service Center where the damage is repaired, you  can not only repair one type of device, such as a laptop.  You can also bring a mobile phone, motherboards, keyboard, tablet or anything else, as long as it is issued by Asustek Computer Inc.

Various damage to motherboards

When a laptop, PC, or something similar has damage to the device, it’s certainly not difficult to explain it to the technician. However, this does not apply when damage occurs to some devices whose information is not expressed.

Take, for example, motherboards that are the link of the entire system to work properly for computer operations. Sometimes you  need to take this device to Asus Service Center for repairing damage if you experience it:

  1. Oververhitten

There are several reasons why electronic devices can overheat when used. It may be because it has been turned on too long or too heavily to perform a particular process. Usually when playing online games or other games, it causes an overheating of the mobile phone.

  1. Brandcomponent IC

This IC acts as a controller on the CPU with a very important role in theuh of computer components. Interruption ofthe IC will cause complete damage because the motherboards are not performing their proper functions on the computer.

  1. CPU overclocking and more

This overclocking is a side effect of adding power to various CPU components from the standard. It is usually very common for computer assembly companies to disassemble various components and replace them with more up-to-date printing.

  1. Unstable electricity supply

An unstable power supply can indicate a voltage that is too large or too small. If it is too big then it has the potential to burn, if it is too small then the motherboards will not work properly. Checking the electric current is a wise thing to do.

The easiest symptom of the three things above is overheating, usually people will use a laptop fan if what is used is a laptop. Unfortunately, some conditions require an Asus Service Center Repair Site Damage.

Tips for communicating with service parties

A few tips for those of you  who  want to use  ASUS service service to repair damage, you should pay attention to the following things:

  1. Discover the real source of the damage from where.  You can search through various literature to make sure that the information provided to technicians is not only biased, but also true.
  2. Ask them to investigate in its entirety, if it is feared that the statement presented does not describe the damage in this way.
  3. Prepare repair costs with a range of approximately Rp. 150,000 and other costs that you  can first ask the person concerned.
  4. Make sure that the device to be repaired is still or not a warranty. Because if it does, it  really  helps you in lowering costs or can be free at all.
  5. If you can’t explain it in technical language, you can simply explain all the circumstances of the damage, such as suddenly turning off, the screen going black, the sound not coming out, and so on.
  6. Prepare yourself to deal with potential improvements for longer than the previously promised time. This can happen if there are several components in the middle of the repair that need to be repaired and it is above the initial expectations.

There are many reasons why people go to service locations and various considerations as to why they choose an official one, while many are unofficial. Asus Service Center For Repair Damage offers not only service, but also warranty.

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