Axis Call Center contact information: IDLIX

Information about AXIS Call Center services and their branch office addresses

As one of the main telecom operators, axis call center is  a much needed service  . In fact, telecommunications services are very important for communication, especially when it comes to long distances. It is very useful to communicate with short messages or voice calls to many distant people elsewhere.

Axis previously served as a wide-market provider a few years ago. Then came XL to acquire the company in the hopes of gaining more customers. But, unfortunately, this hope cannot be realized immediately, considering that AXIS is only the second product of xl.

But over time, AXIS users continue to grow day by day. The number of users of the provider has increased significantly, moreover, it accounts for more than half of the XL market. This is inseparable from the growing number of BTS towers. The tower supports 4G connectivity for all customersnyes.

Not only in terms of improving technology, but also in terms of improving customer service. This service is provided in the form of a call center, which can be used by all customers if they have a complaint. The telecommunications network cannot be separated from technical problems, so it is quite natural that the AXIS call center  will be an important service.

About the general rules of the AIS

A number of general policies are introduced for telecommunications owned by the provider. Of course, this is done to make it easier for all potential customers and customers when they want to use their products. Information about this general policy will also be useful enough to use the services of the AXIS call center if necessary  .

In this general policy information, the company has provided information that all customer service calls will be charged. Of course, the cost burden is adjusted according to the rules set by the government. However, the company has the right to change the policy by providing customers with preliminary information.

As a telecommunications network, you can enjoy all kinds of services for a full 24 hours in 7 days. This means that customers can use the mobile network at any time to share their news with family and friends. This facilitates communication, even if it is placed.

However, due to technical problems caused by natural factors, it is not uncommon for the mobile network to encounter obstacles. As a result, telecommunications services will not be able to function as usual, for example, problems on the networks of certain regions. For this reason, customers  can also contact the AXIS call center.

Therefore, the telecommunications company believes that the problem should be solved immediately. In addition, customers are important elements that need to be trusted. Even at a certain level of the case, the company compensates if someone is injured. Especially if the network cannot support its activities.

Information about AIS prepaid terms

In addition to providing information about the company’s general guidelines, AXIS also provides prepaid provisions for all customers. These conditions may not be directly related to network problems. But to some extent, this is quite annoying for customers. An example is when you visit a website but instead redirect it to another partner’s website.

If customers are familiar with this, they can use the  services  of the AXIS call center to inform mobile operators. The provider does not allow the redirection of such a connection, and this is the absolute right of the client. Therefore, customers should pay attention to all the details of the information so that there are no bad things.

Another problem that is quite annoying is the loss of a prepaid card somewhere. This can happen if the phone is lost or sinks. This means that the prepaid card cannot be used in the usual way. Another option that can be used if you do not want to switch cards is to contact customer service.

Indicate that you have clearly lost the card, and then ask to create a new card. Later, after calling  the AXIS call center or visiting the official store, you will receive the card change. In general, the required cost burden has been adjusted to the company’s administrative cost reserves.

It should also be noted that when clients want to activate the starter pack service, the data must be filled in. Fill in the personal data correctly and completely so that you can enjoy each service more comfortably. In addition, pay attention to the grace period of the prepaid card if you want to use it for communication.

Axis Call Center contact information

It is very important to obtain information about the contact person of the call center. This is done to make it easier when unwanted things happen at any time. For example, at night there are technical problems with Internet services. After that, you can contact the operator directly, but with a certain amount of fees.

Two contacts can be contacted, the first specifically for AXIS users and the second for non-users. For customers using AXIS, they can press the phone code 838 in the call menu. For non-users, they can press the phone code 0838 8000 838.

Enjoy axis call center services  while experiencing problems. Do not touch it if you feel comfortable. You can find a variety of information about these services, from the Internet network to attractive promotions. As a rule, there are hidden promotions that are quite profitable for users of the Internet network.

If you don’t want to make a call because you’re afraid of a pretty big cost burden, you can take advantage of email services. Simply send some complaints or problems to the email address you provided. Usually after a while, the Sent Email will receive an immediate response along with the solution.

Start AXIS branch office information

As a service provider with tens of millions of customers, AXIS certainly responds by creating numerous branch offices. The goal is for every customer to get the best service if they are not satisfied with the phone call. So, you can interrogate the officer directly at any time without fear of being burdened by the cost.

However, it should be noted that not all cities in Indonesia have an axis branch canto. Only in some large cities like Jakarta do they have branch offices. This is because Jakarta is the center of the supplier’s operations. So don’t be surprised if there are multiple branch offices around Jakarta.

You can  also  contact the AXIS call center to ask where the nearest store or branch is located. This usually happens when the problem can only be solved from a voice call. A personal meeting is needed to find the best solution to the problem.

For example, like a broken prepaid card and you don’t want a new number. Calls through the call center will definitely not be able to optimally solve the problem. It is necessary to meet directly with the officer so that the damaged card problem can be resolved. You are usually asked to bring some certain documents with you.

Call center services bring many benefits to all customers. Especially if at a certain moment there are technical problems, such as a bad network and so on. Of course, the best step is not just to wait, but also to get detailed information. One way is to call axis call center and find a solution.

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