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Tax Call Center ready to answer questions about charging

Since indonesian  taxation made progress in the field of services  20 06 years ago, setting up a tax call centre.   This service is called Kring Pajak, which was formed in 2006 by presidential order No. 03 on the investment climate policy package.

There is no doubt that the presence of Kring Pajak is very useful for people who want to ask everything about taxes. With demiki, this service becomes an educational tool for people who are still blind to taxes.

So far, there are still many people who have disobeyed taxes, not because they do not want to pay taxes. It’s just that they do not understand the payment mechanism and the types of fees that they have to pay. However, with this service, people are free to ask questions.

Asking through this service is also more convenient and efficient. Since you do not need to come to  the  tax office  and wait in line for a long time, you can simply ask many things personally and exclusively by phone. Anytime, anywhere as long as it is still in business hours, this service is reliable.

In addition to asking about charging, the tax call center through Tax Kring can also be used when you encounter problems paying taxes. If you are still not familiar with this service, we will explain it as a solution to charging problems.

A wide  range of Tax Kring services

The  form of services of this tax call centre is the efforts of the Directorate-General for Taxation (DGT) to make taxation in Indonesia more open and to affect all segments of society. As a result, DGT initiated Tax Kring on the basis of regulation NO PER-22 / PJ / 2014 of the Directorate-General for Taxation.

After launching the service, from that moment all spheres of life can contact the tax inspectorate at number 500200. This service accepts questions about income taxes, value added taxes,  land and buildings, questions about tax returns and how they are calculated.

Kring Pajak provides you with two types of services. The first service is received, which serves all kinds of information, complaints and agent connections. The second service is a service outside the office or a call from an agent to meet with the client to solve charging problems.

With the development of technology, you can not only contact tax agencies by phone. However, it can also be available on the Internet through the official website complaints.pajak.go.id, by e-mail or fax. It’snot just that, now you can even contact the official tax agent via live chat.

  1. Kringo fee online

This official service is here to help the tax authorities in Indonesia, because telephone services alone are not enough and they cannot meet all the needs of the community in terms of tax services.

Therefore, the Directorate-General for Exposition added this fee call center service  through online services. This is expected to maximize tax services in Indonesia.

To enjoy online charging services, you need to enter the site pengaduan.pajak.go.id and create an account on the site. After successfully creating an account, you can disclose all questions and complaints about taxes. After that, you just have to wait for the answer of the official.

  1. Kring Tax Live Chat

The live chat tax kring was created to facilitatethe mandatory invitation to report the annual tax return. In addition, the service provides other information about everything about the official pungutan and any complaints.

With the help of this service, taxation issues are becoming more and more accessible and are asked by everyone. The disclosure of tax information is also increasingly accessible to everyone without any hesitation.

Especially for young people who like chat services, because they will be lazy to visit the office  if they just ask about the main points. But these basic points are actually very important to know.

Complaints and consultations through Tax Kring

As explained earlier, the tax call center service  can handle different types of complaints and consultation points for a mandatory fee for all Indonesians.  The complaints that can be submitted are as follows:

  1. On the infrastructure and infrastructure of charging services.  This is very common, because sometimes in tax services there are facilities and infrastructure that are problematic. In fact, it interferes with your comfort.
  2. The activities of employees of the tax inspectorate. The performance of employees will certainly have a significant impact on the reputation of the office and the type of service. Moreover, if in the field of taxation is quite sensitive.
  3. Violations of the Code of Ethics and criminal offenses committed by employees of the DGT. The crime in question may be a criminal act. For example, you were blackmailed by an employee of the DGT.

Meanwhile, the consultations that you can  convey through the tax cring are as follows:

  1. How to use all taxation services. This often happens to ordinary people in the field of taxation and they do not understand how to use all the services provided.
  2. Means of tax administration.

 Advantages  of Tax Kring services

This direct fee call center service  provides depositors  with  a number of advantages over face-to-face direct services.   This advantage is obtained because Kring Pajak has many advantages over direct service.

The following are the advantages of Kring Pajak:

  1. Save a lot of time, because you do not need to come directly to the tax office and wait a long time in line. Even more so, if you have a busy daily schedule, of course, you do not want to spend time in the tax office. Therefore, the presence of “Tax Kring” is very useful.
  2. Accurate information, since it comes from official tax officials, so all the information provided is guaranteed to be accurate.
  3. It is guaranteed that the result of calculating the amount of tax will be correct, since the calculations made comply with the applicable rules. It’s the same if you personally visit the tax office.

International Award for Tax Kring to Know

This app is one of the most innovative  tax call center services in the  world and has a significant impact on Indonesian taxation. This is definitely not just nonsense, because this service has successfully won various awards at international events.

This innovation of DGT won the best contact center award, which was given by the Indonesian Association of Contact Centers in 2013. What’s more, after that, Kring Pajak took first place at the world APAC event at the top-ranked artists’ contact center in Singapore.

At this event, Kring Pajak was awarded as the best customer service–small. Another international achievement is that this Indonesian-owned tax call center won the World APAC Award from the World APAC, the highest-ranking performer’s contact center, in Las Vegas that same year.

Even in this competition, one of the teams of the tax service managed to win a silver medal. This tenyou are very proud of Indonesia, because it has a reliable service and is recognized by the world.

Kring Pajak, with all the innovations in his services, made the people of Indonesia more concerned about taxes. Due to the ease of access and good service provided, of course, everyone feels comfortable with submitting complaints and consulting.

It has also been proven that the tax call center service educates the public a lot. Therefore , you no longer have to hesitate to contact Kring Pajak through all the available platforms.

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